Friday, May 16, 2008

Guess Who's Got His Grading Done?

Not me. MacDougall. And he's got a fantastic series on concept courses going. I'll join in sometime this month, with luck! For now, you can check out my place-based Introduction to African American Literature and Culture, a model I cribbed from Kenny Mostern.

[Update (5/19/08, 3:39 pm): Nope, I'm still not done, but MacDougall has installed his third course widget thingie--this one will actually be (co-)taught.]


Rob MacD said...

It's that obvious, isn't it?

Also, number one wife and daughter are out of town this week.

The Constructivist said...

Ah, I pity and envy you in equal parts. The tsuma--who is now officially the Full Metal Archivist--is in Japan, sending me pictures from Kyoto (and soon Okinawa) while she gallivants around with her mom, leaving me with both onechan and imoto and grades due before next Wednesday at 8!

She'll be back in late May and won't start summer classes in her MLB program until late June--any window open for hanging in Fort Erie or the Falls (your side)?

Rob MacD said...

Let me get back to you once L&Y return. It would be great to finally make it happen.