Monday, September 29, 2008

The Bills Are 4-0 and Other Improbabilities

Just surfacing for a moment to note that the novel I'm teaching for the next two weeks in one of my classes--Patricia Grace's Potiki--is highly relevant for thinking through the political situatedness of the PGA event going on 15 minutes from my hometown at the Turning Stone resort complex this week. I did not plan this, but it's pretty neat.

[Update 1 (1:46 pm): Speaking of 1992....]


Marc Bousquet said...

Sounds good. Re the virtual visit to your class (thank you for teaching the book; hope they like it!) A speakerphone would be fine, but we can do something textual. I don't have a webcam set-up. You choose. How about the second half-hour 5-530 pm EST? That's 8-830pm over here, and probably as late as I'm any good these days.

Emile's adventures today? "Oh, I went up the stairs--how hard could it be going down? Hey-ouch!" and "Hm, that fireplace poker looks smoky _and_ delicious!" Actually those were his adventures between noon and 1 pm.

How bout those Bills? The _second_ I give up paying any attention, bang, they start winning. I'm their Jonas. As long as I ignore them, they're great.

Talk soon, M

The Constructivist said...

Hey, Marc! I'll look into the speakerphone option today. Going to try to be good and post my reading notes on each chapter of yours here before my Tuesday class....