Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I have no idea why blogger isn't allowing me to enter titles to my posts here and at Mostly Harmless lately, but at least I don't have to decide between "What Does Flannery O'Connor Have to Do with Being a Fulbright Visiting Lecturer?" and "The Life You Change Might Be Your Own." In fact, I'm feeling confident enough about my last JASF lecture that in this quickie post I'll challenge my handful of readers to posit a connection between the above two title options and guess what I talked about last Thursday at the Kyushu Fulbright Alumni Association meeting. Hints in the tags. Well, one. Have fun. Back soon.


Daniel J. Gall said...

Lucynell was dressed up in a white dress that her mother had uprooted from a trunk and there was a Panama hat on her head with a bunch of red wooden cherries on the brim.

Did you mention, in your talk, the Panama canal? Now, if not all my rudimentary geography knowledge hasn't left me, and I trust it hasn't since the last time I congratulated myself on having acquired, after a whole lifetime of practice, the ability to actually read and understand maps, - now, Japan is one of the principal users of the canal, or even the most active user beside the US, and the country has been, I guess, involved in the reconstructions that have been done over the last decades.

Also, and I admit I googled that up, imperial Japan devised a super-powerful submarine, the I-400 (yeah, it's googled), and charged it with more or less explicit orders to destroy the Panama canal, though I'm at a loss to see how one submarine would do that, however juggernautishly big it was.

The Constructivist said...

Great stuff, but this talk was more a reflection on my Fulbright year and teaching in Japan than on any historical topics