Saturday, March 29, 2014

What SUNY Fredonia Needs from New York State's Leaders

The SUNY Fredonia Administration, Student Association, University Senate, and United University Professions and Civil Service Employees Association chapter Executive Boards issue the following urgent appeal to western-region and state-wide leaders as the New York State budget process enters its end game.  We agree the following legislative priorities would benefit our campus, our students, our local community, our region, and our state.

Enhance and Invest in SUNY State-Operated Campuses
  • increase state funding for SUNY’s operating costs
    • fully fund all contractual increases
    • fully commit to maintenance of effort
    • provide relief to campuses for winter emergency utilities charges
  • develop a short- and long-term solution to the hospitals crisis that avoids harm to the academic and teaching mission of SUNY and its medical schools and two-year and four-year universities
  • increase capital funding to repair, maintain, and enhance SUNY’s infrastructure
  • support full funding for Fredonia’s NY SUNY 2020 proposal
  • engage and support SUNY Fredonia’s START-UP NY plan
  • think of SUNY if one-time funds become available
Commit to Quality, Access, Affordability, and Student Success throughout SUNY
  • invest in New York’s students, maintain SUNY’s affordability, and reduce student and family debt by taking concrete steps to reverse the chronic state underfunding of SUNY’s operating costs
  • adequately fund SUNY’s opportunity programs
  • extend the DREAM Act to undocumented SUNY students
  • invest in current students and veterans as strongly as the Governor has committed to offering higher educational opportunities to prisoners
  • if we’re going to do Open SUNY, ensure that it does not compromise educational quality and access, shared governance, or the mission of SUNY

Ziya Arnavut, President, Fredonia United University Professions
John Baughman, President, Civil Service Association Local 607
Robert Deemer, Chairperson, SUNY Fredonia University Senate
Virginia Horvath, President, SUNY Fredonia
Antonio Regulier, President, Fredonia Student Association
Bruce Simon, Western Region Co-Coordinator, UUP Outreach Committee
Idalia Torres, Western Region Co-Coordinator, UUP Outreach Committee

For more, see our joint statement!

Here's the list of leaders our letter and statement went out to electronically.  Anyone who wants to help us out by making calls or sending emails, we'd welcome the support!

The 4 Men in the Room
Governor Cuomo,, 518-474-8390
Jeffrey Klein,, 518-455-3595
Sheldon Silver,, 518-455-3791
Dean Skelos,, 518-455-3171

Higher Education Budget Conference Committee
Deborah Glick,, 518-455-4841
José Rivera,, 518-455-5414
William Colton,, 518-455-5828
Amy Paulin,, 518-455-5585
William Barclay,, 518-455-5841
Michelle Schimel,, 518-455-5192
Gary Finch,, 518-455-5878
Kenneth LaValle,, 518-455-3121
James Seward,, 518-455-3131
Joseph Robach,, 518-455-2909
Mark Grisanti,, 518-455-3240
Toby Ann Stavisky,, 518-455-3461

Other State-Wide Leaders
John DeFrancisco,, 518-455-3511
Herman Farrell, Jr.,, 518-455-5491
Liz Krueger,, 518-455-2297
Robert Oaks,, 518-455-5655
Andrea Stewart-Cousins,, 518-455-2585

Other Western Region Legislators
John Ceretto,, 518-455-5284
Jane Corwin,, 518-455-4601
David DiPietro,, 518-455-5314
Patrick Gallivan,, 518-455-3471
Joseph Giglio,, 518-455-5241
Andrew Goodell,, 518-455-4511
Michael Kearns,, 518-455-4691
Timothy Kennedy,, 518-455-2426
Crystal Peoples-Stokes,, 518-455-5005
Michael Ranzenhofer,, 518-455-3161
Sean Ryan,, 518-455-4886
Robin Schimminger,, 518-455-4767
Raymond Walter,, 518-455-4618
Catharine Young,, 518-455-3563

[Update 1 (9:33 am):  I'm reading on twitter that budget bills are being printed on education and higher education.  Trying to find out how often they get amended on the floor....  Follow me @citizense for breaking news.]

[Update 2 (12:34 pm):  Here are some links to articles and blog posts coming out with highlights of the budget:
Waiting for specifics on SUNY.]

[Update 3 (12:42 pm):  The New York Times article doesn't add many details but is good on context on pre-k and charter schools.]

[Update 4 (1:35 pm):  TWC has what they tweeted was a full budget, but looks like highlights to me.]

[Update 5 (1:47 pm):  The Albany Daily Gazette has a few more details, but SUNY remains off the radar.  Hasn't come up in conference call yet, either.]

[Update 6 (1:55 pm):  Lots of details in this post, but still nothing on SUNY mentioned.]

Thursday, March 27, 2014

SUNY Fredonia Coalition to Issue Urgent Appeal to Western NY Legislators and State-Wide Leaders on NYS Budget

More on this tomorrow, but here's a sneak preview of what's coming out of the Wild West on the New York State budget's end-game!

And here's the first of many cover letters.  Pass it on!

28 March 2014

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

Thank you for the work you are doing to ensure that New York once again has an on-time budget that reflects the commitments of the state and responsibly ensures the future of New Yorkers.

The attached joint statement, which we have also sent to Western New York and other state-wide leaders, clarifies our priorities and asks for your support as the New York State budget process enters its end game. In the name of the administrative, governance, and union constituencies at SUNY Fredonia that we represent, we call on you and other leaders to support these 11 action items aimed at
  • enhancing and investing in SUNY state-operated campuses;
  • committing to quality, access, affordability, and student success throughout SUNY.
These themes and action items have emerged during months of discussion, debate, and decision-making. We are proud to speak with one voice, united in our commitment to the future of New York by investing in this generation of college students, and we urge you to join and support us.

We look forward to continued good work with you and our state leaders as we all make the critical choices for New York’s future.