Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Welcome Valveteers; or, One Thing You Might Not Have Known About Bill Benzon

Bill Benzon just passed along my little plug for Marc Bousquet's How the University Works, so I'll let all you Valveteers (as in Rocketeers, Musketeers...) in on a little open secret: quiet as it's kept, Bill writes fantastic (in all senses of the word) children's literature.

For what it's worth, this post is rated PG (for procrastinatory gratitude).


Anonymous said...
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bill benzon said...

The Valveteers (Velvet-ears?) have trouble paying attention to something unless it involves poems washed up on beaches or Zizek. I suppose I could work Zizek into the story as a villain, but I'm not sure about poems on beaches.