Monday, January 14, 2008


Craig Smith at Free Exchange on Campus just tagged me. I'm it--yay! Uh oh--now I have to live up to Dr. Crazy's inspiring example. With two girls still on antibiotics and an office move happening tomorrow, it's going to be a little while before my CitizenSE Teaching Manifesto is ready for action. Let's see if I can finish it before my taggees do:

A White Bear [Update 1/16/08: damn!]
Rob MacDougall
Marc Bousquet
Jennifer [Update 1/25/08: sweet!]
The Hobgoblin

[Update 1/22/08: Did it! Or at least started it.]

[Update 1/30/08: My tags have no power on men! Maybe a look at the list of contributors will inspire you all!]


Rob MacD said...

Hey, you tagged me before completing the meme yourself. Can you do that?

The Constructivist said...

We're all about the innovation here at CitizenSE!

Speaking of procrastination, I tried to email you about this google map of Weird America but your OItNN mailbox was full! Here's the link.

And while I'm using blogger to substitute for email, was I right about that January thaw, or what? I would have contacted you, but the girls have been sick all year....

Rob MacD said...

I was skeptical about the January thaw, but you're right, you totally called it.

Of course, it's long gone now. I wonder if it bothers Al Gore that popular awareness/discussion of global warming is so closely tied to highly specific perturbations of the weather. Last week everybody around here was talking about the greenhouse effect, "global weirding," etc. - now we're too bundled up to make out what anyone is saying.

Hope the girls are feeling better. Our stars will align for a meet-up eventually.

Jennifer said...

Hey Thanks--I just checked in at Tenured Radical and then looked at your blog and I promise to try to live up to your amazing post, because after all, as a golfer and esp. someone who LOVES golf, to compare teaching lit to golf is such a fantastic analogy! Hopefully I'll fulfill my "assignment" tomorrow!

Jennifer said...

Ok, I just did it--you can check my response out at

Jennifer said...

Damn! I don't even know my own address, here we go again:

"Mixed Race America"