Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tactical Teaching/Reworking the University

Heading over to Minneapolis tonight for the Reworking the University conference, where I'll be discussing my Intro to Grad Studies in English 1.5-credit master's-level seminar on a Saturday afternoon roundtable with Heather Steffen of Carnegie Mellon and Nick Hengen and Lucia Pawlowski of the University of Minnesota.

I'll be putting the course in context, going over its goals and design, talking about students' and my own takes on how it went, and contrasting it with an undergraduate composition course I taught back in 2005. Since I'll be getting another shot at it in the fall, I'm excited to get great ideas for revision and redesign during the conference (although I doubt any will be as funny as this one). Thanks to Nick for the invitation to participate!

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Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I hope you enjoy Minneapolis -- this is the perfect time to go there! If every month were as nice as late April and May, we'd be overrun.... I'm kind of glad hard winters discourage folks :).