Friday, May 09, 2008

E for...?

Lumpenprofessoriat has bestowed upon CitizenSE its first-ever bloggy award thingy. If I had time to figure out how to display it, I would; same for supplying relevant quotations from The Scarlet Letter and The Holder of the World on alphabetization. But what this really reminds me of is when I first arrived here as a shiny assistant professor and E was then used in place of F, which is how I'd grade my blogging here lately. But thanks for the vote of confidence, LP, as well as for the links! And even though I consider everyone on my blogroll "excellent," I agree that recommendations carry more weight when there are fewer of them, so here are my "best of the best" right now:

Is there no sin in it?: for general awesomeness and also for this
Mixed-Race America: for bridging academia and Blogoramaville and for engaging her commentariat so patiently and thoughtfully and kindly
verbal privilege: just because
How the University Works: for bringing to Blogoramaville what he brought to the world of electronic journals when he co-founded Workplace

Thanks to everyone who participates in this meme for helping spread the word about exceptional blogs that everyone ought to be reading (except this one, which deserves to remain the obscurest in Blogoramaville!). Ah, now I got it: E is for "exception"!


Marc Bousquet said...

Dude, I just got back from a longish weekend blessedly offline (spouse's first mother's day at my inlaws) to find this very kind thought about HTUW--which I appreciate, thank you, though am not sure I deserve. You should take more credit. I just met a fabulous former undergrad of yours, now at Duke (you know who I mean)--great guy, seriously materialist, funding his summers by installing kitchens and baths, but also winning very nice grant funding for his diss. research. We agreed that the work you did on Workplace raised the tone and intellectual ambition to new heights, especially with the prison issue--all of which remains sadly yet more relevant today.

Jennifer said...

Citizen SE,
I don't know what to say...THANK YOU--I blush and protest over your kind words and acknowledgement. I also have just clicked in to your blog after weeks of staying away from regular blog reading and am blown away by what you are doing with your students in terms of using blogging in their class assignments (and I'm impressed you are having your undergrads tackle DICTEE--that's a hard text for ANYONE.

Finally, I promise to continue this meme when I finish my APA history month series.

The Constructivist said...

Marc and Jennifer, thanks for the kind words. I'm turning in my grades on the 21st and have a lot of catching up to do here and in other writing projects. Can't wait till the summer!